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12.02.2009 Meeting with MEP

On the 12th February 2009 Uipi and ILOG Foundation LTD had a meeting with the Vice President and the Head of the Secretariat of the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament.

Due to the numerous petitions, which have been submitted to the European Parliament regarding property restitution, both Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott and Mr. David Lowe are very much aware of our problems.

We discussed various issues. In particular the Lisbon Treaty and its potential and of course the current tender (Private properties issues in Romania and the western Balkans).

We were able to put forward and discuss our concerns regarding the notice, such as the strict conditions.

In return Mrs. Maria Panagiotou, Assistant of the Greek MEP Mrs. Maria Matsouka, Vice president of the Petitions Committee promised to assist us and be open to our suggestions. However, the latter did underline the importance of compiling this study.

Uipi as well as ILOG are fully conscious of this and are committed to finding an appropriate institution, which is capable to draft such a survey.

ILOG handed over a copy of the Italian Petition regarding the low compensation rates and a Circular from the Czech Coordinating Office to the Head of the Petitions Committee, Mr. David Lowe, who appreciated the valuable information.

With regard to McMillan-Scott’s suggestion to review the possibilities of the Lisbon Treaty, we stated our wish to install a working group.

We truly believe that all parties were satisfied with the meeting and hope that our suggestions can be implemented and that we are able to continue to exchange information on this high level.

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